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Dr. Rashida Ertafaq Ali Real Face of Teachers

Dr. Rashida Ertafaq Ali

Professor Dr. Rashida Ertafaq

Is serving the honorable profession of teaching at the age of 85 in University of Karachi, Pakistan. For years, she has been providing free education, guiding her students to achieve master’s and Ph.D. degree.

Initially teaching Applied chemistry at the University of Karachi, she along with Vice –chancellor Dr. Tirmizi established the department of food science and technology. This department has since produced numerous experts in the field.

Dr. Rashida ’s late husband, Dr. Ertafaq Ali was also a vice chancellor at the university of Karachi and a professor of Botany. Though Dr. Rashida hails from Kanpur, India, Her father sent her to the Ali Garh hostel for Higher education and obtained a Master’s in organic chemistry in 1953.

When asked about the inception of the department of food science, Dr. Rashida remarked on the importance as she witnessed in large universities globally. The field contributed significantly to industry, dispelling the misconception that it only revolved around cooking.

Dr.Tirmizi was convinced by her and department of food sciences established. Within a Few years, it gained so much importance that, after pharmacy, it became the department with the highest merit entries.

During a meeting, when asked about her notable student, Ibne Hassan Hashmi, she commended his brilliance. Despite discouragement, he was determined and ranked top in field. She revealed that she had initially discouraged him from entering politics but recognized his intelligence and prowess. 


Upon question by anonymous about her serving to the university at such an age while being retired, Dr. Rashida responded with a witty remark, “do professors ever retire? “

She expressed that her former students are now serving in big companies around the globe.

She desired to meet all her former students and together contribute to the university’s prosperity.

She exemplifies a lifelong commitment to education, breaking barriers, and fostering a passion for learning among her students. Her journey reflects resilience, determination and a profound dedication to shaping the future of education industry without any monetary benefits.

Teachers like Dr. Rashida are real idols with no pride and serving prophet’s profession with young ambitions at such age.

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