Home Entertainment Exploring the Enigmatic Glass Key Florida: A Peek into “Road House” Remake

Exploring the Enigmatic Glass Key Florida: A Peek into “Road House” Remake

Glass Key Florida


Imagine a place called Glass Key in sunny Florida where exciting things happen. This place is part of the new “Road House” movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Let’s explore more about Glass Key, Florida, the movie, and some fun facts about the Florida Keys. So, sit back and get ready for a fun adventure baddies west!

Where is Glass Key Florida?

First, let’s talk about Glass Key, Florida. You might wonder, “Where is Glass Key?” Sorry, but Glass Key doesn’t really exist. It’s a made-up place for the movie “Road House.” The movie’s story happens on a made-up key, which is like a small island, south of a place called Marathon in the Florida Keys.

The “Road House” Remake

Yes, there is a new “Road House” movie! It’s a remake of the old 1989 classic movie. In the new version, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dalton, a tough guy who used to fight in the UFC, which is a sport where people wrestle and fight. Dalton goes to Glass Key to help clean up a rowdy bar.

Where Was the Movie Filmed?

Next, you might wonder where the movie was filmed. Even though the movie is about the Florida Keys, most of it wasn’t filmed there. So, almost all the scenes were shot in the Dominican Republic, which is another country far away. Some parts were also filmed in Las Vegas during a big UFC event. 

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Fun Facts About the Florida Keys

So, what are the Glass key Florida Keys? The Florida Keys are a bunch of small islands that stick out from the southern tip of Florida. They are very pretty and special.

What is a Key?

A key, or “cayo” in Spanish, means a small island. These keys are made from old coral reefs, which are like underwater gardens. There are about 800 keys in the Florida Keys, and they are connected by 42 bridges. The longest bridge is called the Seven Mile Bridge.

The Famous Keys

The Florida Keys are split into different parts. First, there’s Key Largo, the biggest key, closest to Miami. Next is Islamorada, which is a group of smaller keys. Then, in the middle, there’s Marathon, made up of several small keys like Boot Key and Hog Key. Finally, there are the Lower Keys, starting from Big Pine Key to the very famous Key West, the southernmost tip of the United States. There’s also a special group of keys called the Dry Tortugas, only reachable by boat.

Meet Fred the Tree

Now, let’s talk about something really fun from the movie. Do you know Fred the Tree? Fred is a famous tree that grows on the old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys. He is an Australian pine tree that grew from a bird’s droppings! Fred is very strong and has survived many hurricanes. Every Christmas, locals decorate Fred with lights to make him look very festive.

In the new “Road House” movie, when Dalton arrives in the Keys, people ask him if he saw Fred the Tree. Fred is a local star, and he even has a Facebook page! He shared that he was in the movie and had to look his best for his big role.

What’s the Difference Between a Key and an Island?

Moreover, you might wonder what the difference is between a key and an island. Islands can be big or small and made from different things like rocks, sand, or coral. So, keys are a special kind of island found in places like the Florida Keys.

The Magic of the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are magical and full of fun places to see. There are restaurants, art galleries, museums, and beautiful beaches. People love to visit the Keys to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea. 


In conclusion, Glass Key, Florida, might be a made-up place for the “Road House” movie, but it brings attention to the real beauty of the Florida Keys. The movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, shows us a fun and exciting story set in a beautiful place. The Florida Keys are full of amazing sights, fun names, and unique places like Fred the Tree. So, even though Glass Key isn’t real, the magic of the Florida Keys is something you can see and enjoy Kolkata Fatafat Lottery.

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