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Some know About Mike Wazowski Meme 

Mike Wazowski

I can’t believe its about 20 years since Mike Wazowski came into the industry or our lives. This is the most iconic character in the Disney. It has much more popularity in memes than others. 

Now we will be discussed about our iconic meme character. It also has a history in memes.

Mike Wazowski has popularity in the cartoons industry. The Mike Wazowski was born on 14th July, 2019. Sulley-Core-Page introduced it on face book. The Michael Wazowski has also nick name “Mike”. His first and last appearance is monster Inc. He’s almost about eighteen years. You can see in the picture Mike Wazowski has green color, a one big eye, two thin legs or arms also two small horns on his head. Sulley posted Mike Wazowski with his face swapped. You can see that this green cartoon makes us laugh. You can say that he is a monster. But his amazing personality, face expressions and also mems won our hearts all the time. With the passage of time, this green guy becomes more popular across all the social media. 

 It’s about Mike Wazowski Meme’s

There are 100 above memes of Mike Wazowski on social media. He has funniest expression which makes people laugh. He has too many likes in no time. His first popularity among the Spanish audience. He spread soon as worldwide. 

Here are some memes:

“When you are in class, you and your friend having fun in the class then your teacher moves your friend away from you”

“When you realize its opposite day and someone compliments on you”. Your face become;

 Another meme is:

“When you are at home and when you are ready to go outside”

                                      Mike Wazowski

Also has so many memes like that on social media. In this century, People are much clever and they make memes easily. I can’t understand how people can do this. Firstly, people make memes on Mike Wazowski and Sulley expressionless face and post it together. 

Noticed that, people create memes on real life-based situation and how people enjoy these jokes. People crack these jokes in real life.

Mike Wazowski make Iconic meme

People can see this green guy became an iconic figure that convinced to laugh. Merge that the deadpan from Sulley’s face in the picture, you can find a successful meme!  

Image result for mike wazowski meme

People used these memes and share with their friends for makes laugh each other. The Stoic Mike Wazowski-Sulley face swap reaction meme is like horribly turn around in good time. In recent memes, may you have old memories feelings. These memes spreading on social media that are taken from film Monsters Inc 2002.

Image result

Mike 18, meaning that in Monsters, Inc, about 28 despite this, During the production Billy Crystal was around 51 in Monsters University. During the production of Monsters University, Prequel was disclosed 12 years later. 

Some memes clear from the internet because for some reason Mike Wazowski show with two eyes. This look like a child you’d be happy to not be stay inside at home with.

Mike Wazowski is in short story

Mike is the main character of his story. He has purchased a new car, a six-wheel drive car want to show his friend Sulley. When he goes at Sulley’s house and call her to go outside from the house. Then they both get in the car and Sulley drive the car. Sulley could not control the car and accident happened from her. They injuries Mike Wazowski. After that, Mike let Sulley get out of the car and drove away Skytech Gaming PC.

Mike Wazowski Popularities Began From

Pictures of Mike Wazowski and Sulley gained popularity. First Tweet by HiroLightx posted a meme and his memes get retweets and 1000 plus likes in one month, on 3rd August, 2019.

Second Sulley-Core posted many images that are based on memes, on 5th August, 2019. 

In images, they both have funniest expression as same. 

On 15th July, 2019 fun have started again, a Facebook page upload an image in which Mike Wazowski and Sulley faces swapped according to some websites. Clearly announced the swapped of faces, this post ranked up over 1,100 plus likes and 6,000 plus shares on social media.

This Facebook post become more popular and people was inspiring with this image that turned into memes. These memes are spreading across social media. People used this image and recreate the memes and change the facial expressions to show the emotions like funny, crying, happiness, worried etc. 

The first folks are introduced the new meme that is in Spanish-language and spread by @Spotymeme, the Twitter user.

After that, people start to recreate the memes and post it on social media to get popularity. People have clever minds in the back of creating the funniest memes in which include silliest memes, darkest, funniest memes, joke on the pictures, and also different kind of memes. 

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