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The Ultimate Tortillando Ingredient List



A Tortillando is traditionally prepared from maize hominy meal, tortillas are thin, round, unleavened flatbread from Mesoamerica that are now also manufactured from wheat flour Soft and tasty handmade tortillas are produced using this classic flour tortilla recipe, which tastes far better than store-bought. Never use vegetable oil or shortening in place of lard uptodatetoday.



tortillando made from nixtamalized maize meal—masa de maíz— are the oldest variety of tortillas. They originated in Mexico and Central America, and remain popular throughout the Americas. Peoples of the Oaxaca region in Mexico first made tortillas at the end of the Villa Stage.


tortillando made with wheat flour are still made from wheat that was brought to the American continent by European settlers. The origins of wheat flour tortillas may be traced back to northern Mexico.
Typical components for wheat tortillas include lipids like oil or lard, salt, and frequently leavening agents like baking powder. Other than that, making and heating flour tortillas on a Comal is the same as making corn tortillas. Tacos, fajitas, and burritos are among the many recipes that call for flour tortillas. It is a staple of everyday cuisine in Mexico, whose cuisine and culture have impacted numerous Central American nations as well as a few US states.

How to Make Flour tortillando:

To create your own flour tortillando you’ll need the following ingredients:
Four cups of all-purpose flour are the starting point for this recipe, which yields twenty-four servings of tortillas.
Baking powder: The leavener in the baking powder gives the tortillas a somewhat fluffy texture.
Salt: Adding salt to flour tortillas improves their taste overall baddiehub.comm.
Lard: Often used in Mexican cookery, lard enhances flavor and contributes to the ideal texture for flour tortillas.
Water: Water is necessary for the production of gluten, which is necessary for the tortillando structural integrity.

How to Make Homemade Flour tortillando:

Here’s a very brief overview of what you can expect when you make this flour tortillando recipe: 

·        Make the dough. 

·        Knead the dough. 

·        Divide the dough into pieces and roll into balls. 

·        Roll out the balls, then cook in a skillet until golden on both sides. 

How to make flour tortillando from scratch – easier than you think!

They’re also EASY, super easy! If you have a mixer with a dough hook, you can have the dough made in less than five minutes. You can also easily mix it together without a mixer (using a wooden spoon, sturdy spatula or which is the way I usually make them.

But whether you use a mixer or not, it’s super important to give the dough a little rest after mixing and dividing the dough. This helps relax the glutens, in order to make rolling the tortillas much easier.

Just portion the dough, give it a rest, then roll each piece nice and thin and give them a stint (one-two minutes!) in a medium-hot, dry pan. Voila! Once you take the first taste, you’ll NEVER want pre-packaged tortillas again

Ways to use these Homemade Flour tortillando…

·        These flour tortillando will make any South-of-the-Border meal extraordinary. Burritos, enchiladas, tacos, quesadillas … it all tastes better!

·        But this is the REALLY cool thing; they also make fabulous, super thin crust pizzas. Just brush them lightly with olive oil and top with your favorite pizza ingredients. I love pesto, a bit of fresh mozzarella, smokey bacon bits and a sprinkle of pine nuts and/or fresh herbs. Pop them in a piping hot (450˚F) oven for 4-5 minutes or until crispy golden brown.

·        Imagine coming home after a busy day and having a stash of these tortillando (aka pizza crusts) in the freezer. Throw together a fresh salad and an individual pizza for each family member and they’ll be “WOWING” you all evening long!

·        I’ve used these homemade flour tortillando for wonderful sandwich wraps.

·        It’s fun to spread them with a bit of butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar for a quick sweet treat igaony.

·        They make fabulous, shatteringly crisp chips too. Just brush one with a teaspoon of olive oil on both sides, then sprinkle lightly with kosher salt. Bake for 5 minutes at 450˚F. and you won’t even believe how delicious they are on their own or broken into irregular pieces and used to dip hummus, salsa etc.


A 6-inch corn tortillando typically has about 50 calories, although a similar-sized wheat tortillando can have 90 calories. However, the caloric content of roti—whether cooked with whole wheat or all-purpose flour—is somewhat greater; a 6-inch roti has around 120 calories. Definitely not thrilled enough to blog them – too dry, too sticky, too crisp, too bland, too soggy, too complicated. This time, with these flour tortillas do, it’s different. They totally live up to their name – Best Ever Homemade Flour Tortillas!

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