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Understanding the Big 12 Expansion: A Simple and Easy Guide

Big 12 Expansion


Hey there, little buddy! Today, we’re going to talk about something called the “Big 12 expansion.” This might sound a bit tricky, but don’t worry! We’re going to make it easy to understand. The Big 12 is a group of schools that play sports together, and sometimes they invite new schools to join them. Let’s learn more about what this means and why it’s important uptodatetoday!

What is the Big 12?

First, let’s understand what the Big 12 is. The Big 12 is like a big club where schools come together to play sports like football and basketball. These schools compete against each other in games, and the winners get trophies and prizes. The Big 12 helps organize these games and makes sure everything is fair.

Who is Brett Yormark?

So, who is Brett Yormark? Brett Yormark is the boss of the Big 12. He helps make big decisions for the group and looks for ways to make the club even better. He says the Big 12 is “open for business,” which means they are always thinking about how to grow and improve.

Adding New Schools

Now, let’s talk about adding new schools. When the Big 12 invites new schools to join, it’s called an expansion. Recently, they invited four new schools: Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Arizona State. These schools will start playing with the Big 12 this summer. This is exciting because it means more games and more fun!

Why Expansion is Important

So, why is expanding the Big 12 important? Well, it helps the Big 12 stay strong and competitive. When big schools like Texas and Oklahoma left to join another group called the SEC, the Big 12 needed new schools to join them. By adding new schools, the Big 12 can still have lots of exciting games and keep their fans happy.

Money and Sports

Besides, there’s something very important called money that helps the Big 12. Sports games make a lot of money, especially when lots of people watch them on TV. The Big 12 needs money to pay for things like coaches, players, and equipment. Sometimes, they even need to pay the players for their hard work baddiehub.

Private Equity and Investment

In addition, Brett Yormark talked about something called private equity. This is when very rich people or companies give money to help the Big 12 grow. It’s like when you get some extra allowance to buy new toys. This extra money can help the Big 12 make their games even better and more exciting.

Future Plans

Next, let’s think about the future. Even though the Big 12 isn’t looking for new schools right now, they are keeping their eyes open. Some big schools like Florida State and Clemson might want to join a new group because they want to earn more money from their games. If they decide to leave their current group, the Big 12 might try to invite them too.

Comparing with Other Groups

Moreover, it’s important to compare the Big 12 with other groups. The SEC and the Big Ten are two other big groups of schools that play sports. They give a lot of money to their schools, more than the Big 12. For example, the SEC gives about $51.3 million to each school, and the Big Ten gives over $60 million. The Big 12 is working hard to catch up and give their schools more money too.

Sharing Money with Schools

Lastly, let’s talk about how the Big 12 shares money with their schools. For the year 2023-24, the Big 12 will give $470 million to its member schools. This is a new record for them! Starting in 2025-26, they hope to give about $50 million to each school every year. This money helps the schools pay for everything they need to play and win games.


So, that’s the story of the Big 12 expansion! We learned about the Big 12 club, their boss Brett Yormark, and how they invite new schools to join. We also talked about why expanding is important, how money helps the games, and what the future might look like. Even though the Big 12 isn’t looking for new schools right now, they are always thinking about how to make their club better. Now you know all about the Big 12 expansion and why it’s such a big deal!

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