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Masashi Kishimoto Present Naruto Anime Series

Naruto Anime

Naruto Uzumaki is Japanese manga series and it is written by Masashi Kishimoto. Naruto was born on night of 10th oct. This series were released in October 3, 2002 to February 2008. It has many episodes in which introduce many characters. This series tells people about a young ninja who want to become a leader of his village and also want recognition from all his friends.

In the series, his age about sixteen years old and in this age with foolish behavior, he spent all of his time in trainings. He controlled all his enemies in short time. 

Image result


Naruto also get fame in movies and other franchise which is related to media, also include games in which his son plays important role. In the first series, Naruto has simple and stupid character. But with the passage of time he become popular from his character. Then Kishimoto introduce Naruto with new attitude include dark side. 

About After popularity of Naruto 

When he became more popular with the dark side character, Kishimoto provide him or introduce new things in it like different clothes and different characters. His aim to appeal western people and become easier to explain it.

Kishimoto changed Naruto design in part 2 which starts with in two and half years. In the series his voiced by Junko Takeuchi and Maile Flanagan in the English converting.

Naruto character has popularity in literature and get more popularity in his Myths.

Some Abilities, personality About Naruto

Naruto has charming personality and also now describe the appearance of Naruto. He is resembling with his father, got eyes from his mother and its color is blue. His hair are yellow blond and spiky hair. 

Naruto’s personality is flamboyant, excited and nontraditional. He inherited his verbal tic from his mother as he ends the sentence with “Dattebayo”. He is slow to understand the situations. He doesn’t hesitate to want help from others. 

Naruto is very short in age part1. He became taller in part2. He always wore green goggles on his head.

                                 Naruto’s personality

Naruto’s appearance

Naruto has ineligible in academy. He was failed three times. He improves his abilities to defend himself and take action against his enemies. After the struggle in academy work, he became able to defeat many people. 

                     Naruto’s ability

Pain Naruto In Naruto Series 

Uzumaki is same as Pain or Nagato. But the main character in the series is Naruto. They have the same village as their names. The only connection between them is sensei. 

Image result for pain naruto

                                       Pain Naruto

 Naruto Pain or God

Against with the wild background, pain has twisted paths. He is an orphan, a criminal, and a peaceful person. His eyes of violence to be connected. Perhaps his dead with the end of the story. But for his fans, it’s an active story not a bug.

Many characters that are stronger than Pain in which include Itachi Uchiha, Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha and many more. 

GIF’s Naruto of Anime

People produce many GIFS of Naruto for sending friends and other people. People use this for fun. Many of his fans also used these GIFs. You can easily find these GIFS of many kinds from the google and any other sites. Here are some GIFS:

                                      Naruto GIFS

Naruto Ramen Food Introduce in Naruto Series

It is surimi fish made by Japanese in Japan. In Japan its name is Narutomaki (鳴門巻き/なると巻き). 

Image result for naruto ramen

                       Naruto Ramen  

It is basically made with pork stock base which is used in ramen. It is presented by three ways in which salt, soy sauce or miso include. It is Naruto’s favorite Ramen dish. All of you know very well about Naruto’s favorite food is Ramen. But Did you know everyone that his favorite place is based in real life. Yes, it is! You can also check or taste the noodles as well. 

Before eating Ramen

“Itadakimasu” is the Japanese word which is used before eating Ramen. Many people translated it with “Bon Appetit”. Many countries used this word before eating meal. 

Power of Naruto Baryon Mode

Image result for naruto baryon mode

It is a power that are used to combine the power of Naruto and Kurama. They used this to increase the power. It has the ability to increase the power of entire Franchise. They create a new way the power of Naruto and Kurama. They used it against them enemies. 

Five characters are able to defeated the Naruto baryon Mode:

  • Madara Uchiha
  • Adult Boruto
  • Urashiki Otsutsuki
  • Isshiki Otsutsuki
  • Momoshiki Otsutsuki

Chakra is connected, Naruto is able to used this Baryon Mode. It helps the Naruto to defeat or finish the fight.

Character in Naruto series include Sakura Naruto 

Sakura Naruto is another character in the series which is created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is presented as Kunoichi affiliated with Konohagakure that is a part of team. Many other people are also involved in team 7. 

It is introduced as anime version and his voiced by the Chie Nakamura. 

Anime Wallpaper of Naruto in 4k

People can easily download these wallpapers from the google and other sites. Many of these wallpapers are easily available on the google for free. People can also create and upload 4k wallpaper and also can easily share. HD and background 4k wallpaper also available. 

Appearance of Naruto’s Headband 

Naruto wore headband on his head which is called “Forehead Protector”, which is given by Shinobi. It will give those who is graduated from Ninja academy.

Image result for naruto headband

                           Naruto’s Headband

Many ninjas have their headband with many colors in his entire career. Crimson and red, some ninjas have this color headband. Many other ninjas have blue headband to crimson over the time skip.

Naruto Series Pictures

Naruto series pictures are available on google which is free to used and also easily can download it or share it. 

Relationship between Naruto and Sasuke

As u know Sasuke is a fictional character in the anime series which is created by Kishimoto. Naruto and Sasuke is known as romantic couple. サスナル These Japanese terms used to present both are romantic couple. Sasuke is also in 13 to 14 years old age in the part 1 series. 

Image result for naruto and sasuke

            Naruto and Sasuke

Naruto Series PFP

These are also available in huge amount on google. You can easily download and share it. 

In Anime series Naruto Sage Mode 

There are five stages, users or modes also types of Mode:

  • Hasirama Senju 
  • Jiraiya
  • Perfect toad sage mode
  • Snake sage mode
  • First Hokages sage mode
Image result for naruto sage mode

               Naruto Sage Mode

Naruto Sage Mode is a particular condition in the world of Naruto that permit the users to occupy the chakra from nature, also known as Senjutsu chakra and produced its own power.

Naruto Sage Mode Eyes in Series

Sage Mode permit the user to tap into the word and also in natural force. In this series Sage Mode eyes represents orange irides much like his old transformations. After that Masashi Kishimoto changed it into yellow irides. It is introduced in chapter 676 and 678 including digital editions. 

Image result for naruto sage mode eyes

               Sage Mode Eyes

Naruto Sage Mode Paths in Episode

Six paths of Naruto sage mode are introduced in episode 421 known as Shippuden anime. Six path sage mode and sage mode not the same. When people use Senjutsu, it is known as the name sage mode. When people use six path Senjutsu, it is known as six paths sage mode.  Six Paths Sage mode is deific transformation gifted by Hagoromo Otsutshuki, who has the ability to never give up. 

Naruto Series Wallpapers

These are available on google. You can easily download and share it. 

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