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7 Steps To Perfect Cleanliness


1. Machine for knocking out dust

A machine for knocking out dust from carpets is a real find, with the help of which we can easily and quickly get rid of garbage, sand, dust and other impurities.

Surely you have seen when carpets were hung on a crossbar or beams in the yard, they took a big stick and beat the carpet from the bottom of their hearts? These times are slowly being forgotten, and the need for clean carpets remains!

The presence of this equipment ensures high quality carpet washing in Scottsdale AZ. Since all large debris (sand and large particles) are insoluble in water, they will remain deep in the carpet, especially in carpets with a high pile.

2. Cleaning agents

Carpet shampoo is a real find for all clearance companies. With its help, you can wash any type of carpet products in the shortest possible time.

Today, era 111 carpet shampoo is one of the most professional products that really helps to deal with various types of dirt. Shampoo is used in various cleaning machines, as well as on equipment for carpets, which give carpets softness and a long-awaited shine. In addition, the tool is quite economical, since one kilogram is enough for 100 square meters of carpet. This shampoo is completely hypoallergenic and gives a pleasant aroma after washing.

If you want to wash your carpet, this shampoo will do a great job on both softer piles and hard piles. That is why many dry cleaners and cleaning companies continue to use era 111 shampoo for a long time.

3. Rotary machine

Rotary machines are single-disc devices that allow you to perform any cleaning work, including chemical removal of dirt from the surface of carpets.

Rotary machines are indispensable equipment when washing carpets with delivery. They quickly and efficiently clean dirt from carpet surfaces. Different brush densities are suitable for carpets with different structures: woolen carpets, synthetic carpets, acrylic carpets, etc.,

as well as for pile height: low pile or high pile . We believe that without this device it is extremely difficult to perform high-quality carpet washing and carpet dry cleaning.

4. Spinning centrifuge

Spinning centrifuge allows you to easily and quickly remove moisture from the surface of carpets. Thus, this equipment allows you to wash carpets in 3-5 days with home delivery.

Every day, a huge number of carpets are passed through the stainless drum of the centrifuge, easily removing moisture from the surface of the carpet without damaging it uptodatetoday.

To date, more than 5 dry cleaners in Glendale AZ use centrifuges for spinning carpets and remain satisfied with the result.

The principle of operation is the same as that of a washing machine that everyone has, after washing you get slightly damp clothes.

5. Professional equipment

If you have been looking for a carpet cleaning/washing company for a long time, now is the time to contact us, because we are one of the leading dry cleaners in Glendale AZ

Carpet cleaning with delivery is one of the main advantages of our company, because we are constantly improving and doing everything to ensure that our customers remain satisfied.

We use high-quality equipment that allows you to quickly and efficiently clean your carpets of dirt, dust and debris.

Carpet cleaning in Glendale AZ will allow you to forget about various bacteria and pollution forever, as we will deal with them in the shortest possible time, save your carpet from deformation and carefully pack it before sending it to the specified address.

Only high-quality products are available, which are professional and easily and quickly return the promised softness, pleasant aroma and shine to the carpet. Just write or call us right now and we will definitely help with the removal of dirt on your carpet, dealing with it in just three days.

6. Drying chamber

Carpets should be dried indoors, not outdoors. That’s why we work all year round in any weather. In the drying chamber, carpets are dried at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. There is supply ventilation and a hood, which allows you to create the most favorable conditions for drying carpets. Carpets are hung on the crossbars and the carpets are blown with the help of powerful fans.


  • Much less time is spent on drying, and the fan allows you to dry carpets of different sizes in the shortest possible time.
  • The use of cold and hot air allows the carpets to stay in place without deforming or losing color and shape.
  • Allows you to complete the order in 3-5 days

7. Delivery and packaging

Our company has been cleaning/washing carpets for a long time and during this time we have been able to win the love of our customers with the help of really high-quality service.

Carpets are packed in compliance with all necessary requirements that allow you to preserve the original shape of your carpet. If you want to receive a carpet by delivery , our company will be happy to send it to the specified address as soon as possible. The minimum washing time is only three days, and the maximum is five.

Delivery is absolutely free , because we do everything so that our customers remain satisfied with the result and can contact us without leaving home. Packaging is a separate stage to which we pay special attention. We do everything we can to ensure that your carpet reaches its destination safe and sound.

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