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Must-Visit Destinations for Adventure Junkies


TOURISM is a term that has always been pleasant to hear. In today era, a man has been so indulge in making his living standard better and to do this he is doing labor with pain and fatigue. To free him from boredom and his busy life he likes to have his some ME time and for this purpose he visits some adorable places in world.

There are many places in the world for tourists to visit.1.MALDIVES  It is one of the highest visited places for tourist. It includes more than 200 INHABITED islands and 100 are other RESORT islands which are like fancy island.It costs $6000 to $7000 USD to stay there for a short term. Maldives is basically a place for honeymooners and beech lovers. The views to enjoy there are Stunning sunset, extensive Marine animals, private overwater resorts, Blue crystal water and their Dreamy sandbanks which are the speciality of there for beech lovers.2.DUBAI        It is a city and emirate in the United Arab emirates.

It is famous for one of the highest occupied floor on the earth which is BURJ KHALIFA. It is an 830m tall which almost touches the skyline.Dubai is truly a paradise for scores of touristsfrom around the world. It is also a best place for honeymooners to enjoy the best dining restaurants in downtown Dubai with live music and entertainment. Visitors of Dubai are greatly amused bySandboarding inDesert dubaisafari.

 3.TURKEY   ISTANBUL in turkey is ranked fourth most globally among tourism destinations in the world in 2022 .There are many historical places and seaside resorts which  are the haven of peace and tranquility. It costs almost 180,000 pkr to stay there for almost a week. Turkish cuisine is inherently healthy and highly seasonal with many dishes. HAGIA SOPHIA is the grand mosque comprising of cultural and historical site in Istanbul.The “Turkish tea”there is a  gold mine of Antioxidants.

4.Paris,FRANCE France is ranked as the world #1 tourists destination. A budget traveller in france can expect to spend around $50 to $70 per day. Eiffel tower in Paris shows the modern industrial prowess on a world stage.French cuisine is also world famous and you can find piece of beauty of the spacious boulevards there.

5.Tokyo,JAPAN    It is a top tourist attractions for the iconic blend of its traditional and modern culture in Asia.Tokyo is a blend of Art and its theme parks make japan a place of  cultural discovery and amusement. A mid range traveller can expect to spend $150 to $200  per day. Sushi and Ramen are famous regional cuisine.

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