There are many health threatening diseases for man all over the world but Heart disease and cancer are on the top of the list. Other includes uptodatetoday:

  • Lung diseases
  • Stroke and diabetes mellitus
  • Ailments affecting respiration
  • Liver diseases
  • Unintentional injuries
  • Communicable illness
  • Kidney disease
  • Psychological health issues
  • Sexually transmissible infections

NCDs(non-communicable Diseases) Itis one of the most significant health perils for individuals. It is frequently impacted by behaviors. Ailments such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes and specific malignancies present noteworthy risks. Inactive behaviors, substandard dietary patterns and tobacco usage contribute to the escalating prevalence of these illness. Insufficient physical activities and unwholesome eating habits correlate with obesity, a leading factor for various NCDs

COMMUNICABLE DISEASES persist as a lingering menace. While vaccines have controlled some, emerging pathogens and antibiotics resistance create challenges. Globalization hastens disease dissemination, requiring robust healthcare systems and international collaboration.                                                                                    

Moreover, ecological elements play a substantial role. Air pollution, water pollution and climate fluctuations pose health hazards. Respiratory problems, cardiovascular issued and the propagation of vector-borne diseases are linked to environmental deterioration. Confronting these challenges  demands  collective efforts to alleviate climate change and adopt sustainable practices

The risk factors of having HEART DISEASE vary depending on your cholesterol levels, diet, physical activity and smoking habits. It poses a severe threat to men, claiming countless lives annually. This silent assailant can lead to fatal outcomes, emphasizing the critical importance of preventive measures, regular check-ups and heart-healthy habits for men’s well-being. As a leading cause of mortality, public awareness and preventive strategies are paramount.

CANCER as an ominous specter in global health, stands as a formidable threat. Its diverse forms weave a complex web challenging medical advancements. Uncontrolled cell growth disrupts bodily functions, and factors like genetics, environment and lifestyle contribute to its onset. Global efforts in research, awareness and patient support remain pivotal in navigating the complex landscape of cancer.

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